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lulu jewelry



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  • Super classic 14k gold filled bead with mother of pearl clover bracelet is a perfect addition to a dainty stack.
  • Worry-free wear‚ which means sleep, shower and sweat in it.
  • Hand beaded on high performance elastic for a slight stretch to easily roll on and off your wrist
  • Materials

    Bracelets: 14K gold filled beads in high quality elastic cord with semi precious stones.

    Necklaces: Semi precious stones in silk cord when knotted finished with 14K gold filled clasp.

    Chains: high quality 14k gold filled.

    Earrings & Charms: 10K and 14K gold filled.


    Our jewelry is carefully made by hand and will ship out within 3 business days.

    All orders are shipped from New York, NY and typically take less than a week to be delivered by USPS. You will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your order ships


    We use the highest quality metals (14k gold-filled and sterling silver), so with proper care, your new jewelry won't tarnish, peel or turn colors.

    For our necklaces we use high quality semi precious stones.

    Tips to keep your bracelets looking brand new:

    These bracelets are made with stretch string, and CAN stretch if not rolled off properly. When removing your bracelets, gently roll them off. Avoid stretching or pulling the bracelet away from your wrist to remove them.

     *These bracelets are designed to be worn all day everyday ;)

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